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The Reflexology Room

Therapists, Students, and Recipients Sharing

Therapists, Students, and Recipients Sharing
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Wall painting (c. 2330 B.C.) found in the tomb of Ankhmahor, also known as the Physician's Tomb at Saqqara, Egypt.
Egyptian Origins
"Do not let it be painful." "I do as you please."

Welcome to The Reflexology Room. This is a brand new community focusing on reflexology where therapists, student therapists, and reflexology recipients can come to share their experiences.

Please introduce yourselves!
Food for thought: Therapists, have you been to any conferences lately or taken any classes that you'd like to share about? You've got great experience to share - please do! Students, what is it like for you starting out? How long have you been practicing? Recipients, how long have you been receiving? How has reflexology affected your lives?

Please remember to keep the tone respectful and always honor the privacy of others.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge, experience, and curiosity in this evolving community!

The info page has more to come on definitions, charts, links, education info, and professional organizations, so check back every so often!

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